The 10 Best Door Draft Stoppers to Keep Your Home Warm

2022-03-26 06:28:39 By : Mr. Calvin Kwok

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Save money and keep the elements at bay with this affordable, easy-to-install home accessory.

Door draft stoppers are a pretty simple product: a strip of cloth, foam or plastic that blocks the gap between your door and the threshold. If you want to keep your heat up and your bills down this winter, you should pick up a door draft stopper or two for the most vulnerable areas of your home — think the door to the garage, your back door or even just the doorway into the room you like to keep the warmest. While keeping heat in might be their primary function, what they keep out (besides the cold) could be just as important. Bugs, sound, smells, light and just about anything else that could sneak through the seemingly insignificant gap between your door and the floor are kept where they belong: outside.

The problem is, there are a ton of options. How do you know which is right? Luckily there are a handful of highly-rated door draft stoppers that you can choose from — some of which have over 30,000 reviews while maintaining well over four stars. The choice is yours, but these 10 options below are a great place to start.

Can almost 35,000 reviewers be wrong? This adhesive draft stopper is under $10, comes in four colors and is easy to cut for length.  

This three-foot, machine-washable draft stopper not only suits just about any doorway, in or out, but it also works with windows. 

This stopper combines velcro with foam to make an easy-to-install draft stopper that will stay in place through repeated door openings and closings. 

Another twin draft stopper, this one uses larger-than-usual foam for extra protection. Just be sure you let it sit before you start opening and closing the door. 

Filled with cotton and glass beads, this weighted draft stopper sits on one side of your doorway, is pet- and ec0-friendly, plus can be washed in a machine. 

Nothing's cozier than being indoors during the winter. These items make the at-home experience even better.

This two-pack is made of non-toxic silicone and attaches do your door with a durable adhesive. It also boasts a 4.3 rating on Amazon with almost 20,000 reviews. 

This stopper will glide on any floor surface and block a gap up to 1.3 inches. It is also easy to refasten, so you can move it wherever you need to as seasons change. 

These are adorable, sure, but that's not all. Since they don't attach to your door you can use them throughout the house and easily move them to clean up pet hair that might get stuck underneath. 

This soft door draft stopper doesn't have the industrial look that many others possess and is easy to clean if need be. Plus, it comes in a handful of colors. 

For longer door frames, like sliding or French doors, this 71-inch stopper has a clever design, featuring a flatter, shorter side to fill the gap created by a sliding door, while a longer, fatter side spans the entire length of the frame to keep the elements out.  

Winter is here. Stay ready for whatever weather comes your way.