Electronic Sliding Door Lock - HCO News

2022-03-26 06:40:36 By : Ms. TINA ZHANG

INOX debuts the PD97PT, an advanced alternative in its PD97 series of commercial grade motor-driven mortise locks for sliding doors that provides healthcare facilities and other commercial buildings with another security option for high-traffic areas. The power connects directly through the strike and into the lock motor, activating the latch and lock as soon as the door is closed, making the PD97PT the first electrified motorized lock of its type in the world.

Compared with the original model PD97, which has a power transfer outside the lock-case and installs through the door frame itself, the PD97PT provides door manufacturers and installers with an easier and faster installation while delivering the same strength and security. The PD97 and PD97PT are the only sliding door locks in the industry that can be integrated as part of a touchless opening solution.

Both the PD97PT and PD97 engage or retract the deadbolt without needing to touch either the lever or the bolt.